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Repeaters' Batch - Long Term - 2021


       The class room coaching starts when the Govt issues favourable orders. Now, you have to attend the classes through online without extra fee.

This course is for those who could not succeed in the previous attempt. This course deals with necessary theory first and then entrance in the following order. Theory chapter 1 -> Entrance paper 1 -> Theory chapter 2 -> Entrance paper   2 -> Theory chapter 3 -> Entrance paper 3 ->Theory chapter 4 ->  Theory means NCERT book in detail and in depth through our study material. 

        A) EngineeringEntrance - IIT stream For JEE-Main & Advanced, KEAM, BITS, VITS & CUSAT.

B) EngineeringEntrance - Kerala stream  

C) MedicalEntrance Stream - NEET

      Time :Boys& Girls : 9.00 am to 12 noon & 1 pm to 4 pm

      Starts in three phases ;

1, Immediately after the NEET 2020 Exam

2, Immediately after the NEET 2020 Exam Results Declared

3, Immediately after the NEET 2020 Exam Counselling 

     Fresh Repeaters batches at CHAITHANYA CLASSES commence on 23/9/2020, 1/10/2020, 15/10/2020, 2/11/2020, 12/11/2020, 26/11/2020 and there will be December month batches .

Admission can be done either direct or through Online 

For NEET class room coaching:

 No. of hours of teaching                  :   900 hours (approximately)

 No. of hours per Subject (PCB)       :   300hours

 No. of hours per chapter                  :  10 hours(average)

      Model examinations on 25 Sundays. Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

      Online or class room tests as the student wishes.

      12 model papers at the end of May.

      Provision for practicing more than 100 new NEET model papers through online.

      Portions: All portions

      Standard of coaching: 2020 NEET model plus.

      No. of students in a class according to Govt. norms.

        For JEE:

    Approximately 720 class hours + 10 model examinations + training for online examinations for JEE-        Main and Advanced. Provision for praticing more than 50 new JEE -MAIN model papers through online.

Engineering Entrance FeeStructure (1 Year)

1) Admission Fee   : Rs. 2000

2) Ist year study material   (2 booklets per subject)   :  Rs.4500

3) 2nd year study material (2 booklets per subject)  :  Rs.4500

4) Examination, Valuation, Mark list, Rank list, Class room handouts & Tuition  Fee  : Rs.34000

5) GST (18%) + KFC (1%) :Rs. 8550

 Total         : Rs. 53550

      Items (1), (2), (3), (5) will not be refunded in case the student discontinues. Books issued once            will  not betaken back.

Medical Entrance Fee Structure (1Year)

1) Admission Fee    : Rs.  2000

2) Ist year study material   (2 booklets per subject)      :   Rs.5000

3) 2nd year study material   (2 booklets per subject)      :   Rs.5000

4) Examination, Valuation, Mark list, Rank list,Class room handouts & Tuition  Fee  :  Rs.38000

5) GST (18%) + KFC (1%)    :   Rs. 9500

 Total      : Rs. 59500

       Items (1), (2), (3), (5) will not be refunded in case the student discontinues. Books issued once           will not betaken back.

       Note:- Additional Maths  for 3 hrs on Friday afternoon. Extra fee to be paid Rs. 5000 + GST.

       Refund of Engineering Entrance 

       General norms for refund :

       Maximum refundable amount    : Rs.33000    Amount deducted per session of 3 hrs     

       conducted at the centre : Rs.250  No refund after 132 sessions

           Refund of Medical Entrance 

       Maximum refundable amount  : Rs.37000    Amount deducted per session of 3hrs     

       conducted at the centre :   Rs.250    No refund after 148 sessions

  For the direct admissions at the Chaithanya office ,payment can be done by cash or D.D.

  D.D in the favour of Chaithanya Classes payable at Trichur.

   There are 750 students hostel accommodation facilities by the institution. In addition to above facility there are 3000 students accommodation facilities by the institution approved hostels.

Admission procedure  through online

  1. Fill up the application form available in the website.

A/C details:
A/C Name:Chaithanya Classes
A/C No:0368073000001046


South Indian Bank, East fort,Trichur-5,Kerala, INDIA.

                *Payments in INR only.

       2. While making the remittance, parent/Guardian should mention the student Name in the    sender         to receiver information of the IFSC/NEFT/SWIFT application.

       3. E-mail the filled up Institution application (available in the website) with photograph to             

4. Mention student name & Course details like (Repeater batch-NEET/JEEMAIN&KEAM 2021) in the RTGS/NEFT receipt and send a photo of the Receipt of the RTGS/NEFT via E-mail mentioning the student name & phone number. Also attach a valid ID proof to       complete the procedure.

5. Any doubt regarding the online training should be clarified through phone or email before joining.

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